• A monkey has been making news headlines

    The particular type of mammal comes from Ethiopia and Sudan.
    Scientists say it stands out for a very important feature.
    A rather striking handlebar moustache.

  • A 20 year old man has become the fourth-largest lottery winner in US history

    Shane Missler scooped $328million over the weekend on the Powerball lottery.
    He says he intends to have some fun & do some good for humanity.
    Instead of getting the full amount over time - he opted for a lower payment in one lump sum of $282 million.

  • Thousands of people have backed a counter-petition to save a road name in the West Midlands

    The road that has rude connotations is called Bell End.
    Some children who live on the street in Rowley Regis are even getting taunted at school.
    Some residents suggest it should be renamed Bell Road - The local council say they will consider both arguments.

  • Travelodge have compiled their yearly list of strange things left behind by customers

    A 50 year old teddy bear called Rupert was discovered, along with several Bob the builder costumes from a stag do.
    There was also an antique urn containing the ashes of a dead husband.
    Quite possibly the strangest was when an attendant went to clean a room and found the bath tub was full of Jersey Potatoes.

  • Worcestershire is home to the worlds first dog waste-powered street light

    Yes, electricity is created using doggie deposits.
    Dog walkers can now dispose of their dog’s poop in a washing machine-like contraption which is attached to a lamp.
    Ten bags of the offensive waste in the anaerobic digestor can power the light for two hours.

  • How much would you spend on a chair? £50, £100... how about £38,000

    That’s how much one chair will set you back and it claims to be the most technologically advanced in the world.
    The chair is on display at a swanky Rolls Royce dealership in London - and only 18 of them will be made.
    The chair can neutralize gravity and takes comfort to a new level.

  • A couple inadvertently named their new baby girl after a newspaper

    The couple welcomed their daughter into the world during December.
    They decided to call their new daughter Harlow Star - the name of a weekly rag in Essex.
    They claim they’d never even heard of the town Harlow which is over 200 miles away from their home in Somerset in the UK.

  • A duck is able to waddle again thanks to technology

    It’s leg was apparently chewed off by a turtle.
    The bird called ‘Peg’ has now been fitted with a prosthetic leg.
    The young scientists in Arkansas created the design using a 3D Printer.

  • If you're thinking ahead to next Christmas - an unfinished skyscraper in China is up for grabs!

    Construction started in 2006 but the company it was owned by ran out of money - so it’s since been repossessed.
    It goes on TaoBao - China’s version of Ebay for £62 million.
    It’s not the first time something unusual has been flogged on the site - in 2017, two Boeing 747 planes were auctioned off.

  • A store owner has helped capture a thief who stole from his shop

    A masked man walked into the premises in south western Michigan claiming he had a winning lotto ticket.
    While the shopkeeper turned his back to scan the ticket - the man fled with a load of scratchcards.
    The proprietor then gave chase to the robber, on a snow plough - knocking him over and breaking some of his bones.