• The strangest substitution for an out of stock item at a supermarket has gone viral

    A Mum in the UK ordered her weekly shop - but one of the items wasn’t available.
    ASDA try to replace for something similar when this happens - but instead of getting a bag of mixed nuts - she received a yellow RUBBER DUCK.
    Even the delivery driver said it was one of the strangest replacements he had ever seen.

  • A Police officer is being accused of taking the biscuit - well more than one

    The constable faces a tribunal after allegedly taking a colleague’s biscuit tin from a cupboard and then lying about it.
    The cop - part of the Metropolitan force - is said to have nabbed a two tier tin of biscuits from a communal area in 2016.
    The officer claims he intended to share the sweet treats - and even offered to replace them - but the matter is now whether he has breached professional standards.

  • Hillwalkers are being warned about an every day item

    Mountaineering Scotland say magnets in outdoor clothing and on phone covers raise the risk of hillwalkers making navigational errors.
    Magnets are increasingly being used on items such as gloves.
    Recently a group of walkers got disorientated in low cloud during a trek at Glen Shee - and headed east instead of west.

  • Is this the most embarrassing rescue ever

    A man has had to be helped after getting his hand stuck down a squat toilet.
    He was texting whilst taking a number one at a hotel in China when he dropped his shiny new iphone8 down the pan.
    He struggled for 20 minutes to get free before a cleaner found him and called the emergency services - he didn’t manage to get his phone back.

  • A bunch of balloons have caused chaos to commuters

    The large cluster of yellow & black balloons became tangled on overhead lines at Billericay in Essex.
    When asked why a train could not plough through balloons, Greater Anglia trains said they could damage the pantograph on the top of the carriages.
    Network Rail shifted the balloons - but not before trains were delayed by more than two hours.

  • People in the United Kingdom have wasted 31 hours on this over the past year

    Being stuck in traffic - at a cost per driver of £1,168.
    The UK is the world’s 10th most congested country and London is Europe’s second most gridlocked city after Moscow.
    Manchester, Birmingham, Luton and Edinburgh completed the UK’s top five major areas affected.

  • Two treasure hunters have been left disappointed

    The men were detecting in a field on the Suffolk / Essex border when they got excited.
    They uncovered more than 50 gold coins along with some pottery - they thought worth more than £250,000.
    In fact it turned out to be a prop left over from filming the BBC Four sitcom - The Detectorists.

  • Keeping a dog in Arab countries is a controversial issue

    Many Muslims believe mutts should not be touched or allowed in the home.
    That’s all changed though in Alexandra in Egypt - the first dog cafe has opened.
    Dog lovers can now go along with their pet as it enjoys delicious meals, treats and even a haircut.

  • A robot has been given the sack

    Fabio the cyborg, had been greeting humans with playful high fives, jokes and offers of hugs.
    But there are reports customers at the supermarket in Scotland where he worked were just left very confused or even, alarmed.
    Farewell, Fabio.

  • An annual cheese rolling event in Cambridgeshire has been cancelled

    It’s taken place in a village in the county called Stilton - and has been running for more than 50 years.
    Problem is last year - only two teams applied to take part - on average it can only run with at least 15 teams.
    Organisers claim the event has fallen out of favour because people no longer see it as being ‘cool’.