• A new study has revealed some surprising information on an every day item

    It’s been claimed hot air hand dryers can suck in poo particles.
    The unwanted germs are then apparently sprayed back all over your hands after you’ve washed them.
    The research was conducted by the University of Connecticut - who we assume dry their hands with hand towels.

  • Fancy a hotel stay with a difference?

    You’ll soon be able to boldly go where no holiday maker has been before.
    The first-ever luxury hotel in space has been announced on board the Aurora Space Station by the year 2021.
    The 12 day stay doesn’t come cheap though - setting each guest back a whopping £6.7 million.

  • The entire contents of terminal one at Heathrow Airport are up for auction

    The terminal opened in 1968 and was once the busiest in Europe - but has been closed for the past 3 years.
    Some of the lots being sold include a full size baggage carousel and 15 escalators.
    The auction will help fund the airports future plans for expansion.

  • A French mayor has apologised for a badly thought out April Fool

    Caroline Cayeux tweeted to announce the arrival of a new IKEA in Beauvais bringing with it 4,000 new jobs.
    But it wasn’t true and she admitted hours later it was a joke.
    One user on social media replied - ‘We will all vote for you in the next election… April fool’s!’

  • A new museum showcases the world's affection for the dachshund

    More than 4,500 toys and other items are on display in Bavaria dedicated to the breed popularly called the “sausage dog”.
    Germany are so proud of the type of dog - that a dachshund called Waldi was the mascot of the 1972 Munich Olympics.
    Germans bred dachshunds in the Middle Ages to flush out badgers and foxes from their burrows, to stop them attacking ducks and hens.

  • A couple in Russia have an unusual pet

    Mariya & Alexander Dmitriev paid a visit to a zoo a couple of years back.
    They fell in love with a 3 month old Puma who they decided to adopt.
    The wild cat called Messi now lives with them in their apartment - and is described as having a very calm temperament.

  • Smoking whilst walking could be banned in New York

    A councillor wants the new law to protect pedestrians from second hand smoke.
    People in future could face a fine of $50 if they were caught taking a drag on the city’s streets.
    Smoking has already been banned in bars & restaurants since 2003 - and in public parks & beaches since 2011.

  • Ancient wine has been discovered in China

    The tipple was found in an tomb - and is said to be over 2,000 years old.
    Archaeologists also found a turtle shell and an antique sword.
    If you fancy a sip - might be worth avoiding as it’s now a bizarre yellowish milky substance.

  • The most expensive chocolates in the world have gone on sale

    The treats are covered in edible gold, and cost around £6,800.
    The diamond-shaped sweets are filled with saffron, Madagascan vanilla, white truffle and gold flakes.
    Each chocolate’s crown-shaped box is decorated with 5,500 Swarovski crystals.

  • A homeowner in Bangkok has been left shocked

    A chap was relaxing watching television when he heard a strange noise.
    There was a odd clunking sound resonating from behind plasterboard.
    He called for backup and when a hole was cut a 15 foot long python was found hissing and coiled up behind the wall.