• A man has made the news for staying in a hotel. Why?

    Well, he was high on a five day MDNA binge at a Travelodge near Southampton.
    In the room he was caught by staff filling a bathtub full of potatoes, whilst wearing a bra.
    When James Johnson had his day in court - he told the judge he did it because it felt like ‘the right thing to do at the time’

  • An elderly couple in the UK have found their parked car - after FIVE days

    Emmanuel & Hilda left the car as they paid a visit to Cheltenham District Hospital.
    Problem was, when they went to drive home they had forgotten exactly where they parked it.
    The Ford Fiesta was finally reunited with its owners with an extra treat of three parking tickets.

  • A mobile phone company have apologised over a couple of sim cards

    A British-Iraqi family were sent two pay as you go packs by an unknown third party last summer.
    They were addressed to “Mr Isis Terroriste” and “Mr Getout Ofengland”
    O2 say they are deeply sorry after the two items of “shocking” racist hate mail slipped through their net.

  • An ice cream parlour is grabbing attention worldwide

    It’s because of it’s interesting selection of flavours.
    Most notably for a flavour the parlour in Ireland made for Ed Sheeran - he loves Tomato Ketchup.
    The popular red sauce has been made into an ice cream and some say it tastes like a Bloody Mary.

  • A couple in the UK have received a letter from an angry neighbour

    It asked them to cover up after they kept being spotted naked through their blinds.
    Karin & Jay from Lemington were told by a resident nearby they were fed up with glimpsing a big bum & boobs - and a little willy.
    Their response was to appear on live national television programme This Morning - naked from their lounge.

  • Could you or someone in your family be sitting on a small fortune?

    A rare Rolex watch originally bought for £69 could fetch £120,000.
    The watch was bought back in 1966 - and still has the original receipt.
    But here’s the thing - the watch face has 3, 6 and 9 on the dial - but no 12 - and it’s thought there are very few of these in existence.

  • A new study has revealed some surprising information on an every day item

    It’s been claimed hot air hand dryers can suck in poo particles.
    The unwanted germs are then apparently sprayed back all over your hands after you’ve washed them.
    The research was conducted by the University of Connecticut - who we assume dry their hands with hand towels.

  • Fancy a hotel stay with a difference?

    You’ll soon be able to boldly go where no holiday maker has been before.
    The first-ever luxury hotel in space has been announced on board the Aurora Space Station by the year 2021.
    The 12 day stay doesn’t come cheap though - setting each guest back a whopping £6.7 million.

  • The entire contents of terminal one at Heathrow Airport are up for auction

    The terminal opened in 1968 and was once the busiest in Europe - but has been closed for the past 3 years.
    Some of the lots being sold include a full size baggage carousel and 15 escalators.
    The auction will help fund the airports future plans for expansion.

  • A French mayor has apologised for a badly thought out April Fool

    Caroline Cayeux tweeted to announce the arrival of a new IKEA in Beauvais bringing with it 4,000 new jobs.
    But it wasn’t true and she admitted hours later it was a joke.
    One user on social media replied - ‘We will all vote for you in the next election… April fool’s!’