A man who ran a radio station from his garden shed has finally expanded his audience

Deke Duncan started playing pop records from his back garden in Stevenage in 1974.
He didn't have a licence so he beamed his programmes via a speaker which his wife listened to in the living room.
Now at the age of 73 he's been given a one hour programme on a BBC local radio station in the area.

Would you pay £16 for a packet of crisps?

You wouldn't be able to eat them - the bag is 26-years-old and are being flogged on Ebay.
The cheese and onion crisps were discovered behind a kitchen cupboard with a best before date of November 1992.
The description of the item says A brand-new, unused, unopened and undamaged item - not sure how entirely true that is.

An American artist who paid £560,000 for a piece of art is going to whitewash it

Ron English purchased the Banksy painting at auction stateside.
But he says he'll paint it white in protest against street art being sold.
Slave Labour, which depicts a child on his knees at a sewing machine, turned up on the side of a Poundland in north London in 2012.

A pair of bell ringing swans have left a moat in the United Kingdom

Swans have been at Bishop's Palace in Somerset since the 1850's.
The birds had been trained to pull a piece of string to ring a bell to request bread.
The palace are now on the look out for a new breeding pair of swans to ensure the age old tradition continues.

Birds might be more capable of DIY than the average man

No, not women - but crows.
The birds have shown scientists they are able to assemble tools from two or more non functional components.
They were filmed slotting together rod pieces in order to get a food reward.

London northeastern railway have revealed a world first

Sensors now tell customers whether seats are available on trains.
There is a traffic light system displayed above seats - which also can be accessed via an app.
Green indicates the seat is available for the entire journey, amber part of the way and red - the seat is taken.

Could you stomach this?

UK supermarket Morrisons have revealed their new Builders breakfast butty.
Its packed with two rashers of bacon, two hash browns, two sausages, baked beans, mushrooms, fried egg and a tomato.
The bap weighs an astonishing three quarters of a kilo and packs in 1,740 calories.

Have you got a bad boss – perhaps not this bad

Employees at one company in China were forced to drink urine and eat cockroaches.
Police were alerted to the act after a video emerged of them also being whipped.
It's claimed the bosses were dishing out the punishments for not hitting sales targets - they've now been jailed.

Have you got most of your Christmas shopping sorted?

The United Kingdom is apparently more organised than most of Europe.
18% of Brits have bought most of their Christmas gifts by the end of October!
It's thought people are doing it early to spread the cost and make January less of a headache.