• A man has made news headlines for his change of career

    Steve Stiert has been a software engineer for the past 25 years for IBM.
    But he says he’s found a new love for looking after … donkeys.
    He’s formed Donkey Park north of New York City & takes them to schools and nursing homes for people to experience their calming presence.

  • A man has admitted walking a PIG without a lead

    The offence was dealt with by a court in Norwich in the United Kingdom.
    The chap was spotted crossing a busy street in the city without keeping a proper hold over the piglet.
    Officers said they arrived to find a dog - which bit one of them - and the pig, which were both loose in the street.

  • A woman conned her husband that she was pregnant with twins

    The woman is said to have given birth at a hospital in Honduras - then claimed one of the babies had died.
    A funeral was held near the families home - but friends were suspicious.
    They decided to dig the coffin up - only to discover a DOLL dressed up as a baby inside.

  • Is this the best job in the world?

    Nutella are looking for 60 taste testers for their factory in Northern Italy.
    It’s a four hour week - which would be spread over two days.
    The company promises a competitive salary and claim no previous experience is necessary.

  • A shark has been disguised as a baby

    Why? Well it was an idea of thieves who stole it and placed it in a pram.
    The horn shark, called Miss Helen was nicked from Texas in the US but has since been recovered.
    The San Antonio Aquarium say the creature is now in quarantine and resting.

  • It's four fingers up to Nestle

    The European Court of Justice has thrown out an appeal by the company after claims they owned the shape of the Kit Kat snack.
    It brings to an end a case Nestle have been fighting for more than a decade.
    The pressure is now off similar 4 finger bars - including a brand in Norway called ‘Quick Lunch’ - which has been around for 80 years.

  • A giant replica of the moon - has gone missing

    The artwork which was created in Bristol has been displayed all over the world.
    The 7 meter wide orb is covered in detailed imagery of the lunar surface.
    The moon has been booked for summer events across Europe - and should have arrived in Austria, but has been lost by delivery firm TNT.

  • A woman has been injured by a beach umbrella

    The freak accident happened in the US state of Maryland.
    The woman was sitting on a chair on the beach in the resort of Ocean City.
    A gust of wind blew the brolley through the air which impaled her chest - she was flown by helicopter to a nearby hospital.

  • Bucket, Pliers, Mirror, Signal, Manoeuvre

    Not the usual routine before setting off for a drive - but that was the case for one motorist in Norfolk.
    Police pulled over a battered Peugeot 206 and found the driver wasn’t sitting on a chair - but an upturned old plastic BUCKET.
    When it came to keeping control of the road - there was a pair of PLIERS where the steering wheel should have been.

  • The worlds fattest hedgehog has been placed on a strict diet

    The prickly porker weighs in at 5 POUNDS - about four times the size of a normal hedgehog.
    Arbuckle as he’s been named by a rescue centre in Aberdeenshire - struggled to walk and couldn’t curl up into a defensive ball.
    He’s now on a strict diet - and his food is being scattered around so he has to move to get it.