• A brawl has taken place on an Air China flight

    It was all due to one couple taking up all the overhead locker space.
    A video has since gone viral of a woman standing on a chair slapping a man & woman in the aisle.
    The flight which was bound for Beijing was delayed by over an hour.

  • An angler had to be resuscitated after swallowing a fish he had just caught

    The man was kissing the Dover sole in celebration of his catch.
    But the six incher wriggled out of his hand and jumped into his mouth.
    The 28-year-old stopped breathing and suffered a cardiac arrest at the scene - paramedics in Bournemouth managed to hook the fish out & save him.

  • A snake in India has gone viral

    The snake has been captured on video slithering out of a forest.
    Sounds perfectly normal -  except it had a beer can stuck on its head.
    It then proceeds to slither around frantically but the bright orange can refused to budge.

  • The largest car plant in India was temporarily shut down due to a bizarre visitor

    A leopard was caught by wildlife officials after roaming the Suzuki factory near Delhi.
    The big cat was on the prowl for some 36 hours.
    Rescuers had to bring in two live goats and raw meat to lure the leopard out of hiding.

  • A quarter of the parking meters in the Canadian city of St John's have been stolen

    Thieves have found a way of beheading the devices.
    It’s thought they are doing this so that they can access the cash inside.
    The vandals aren’t getting away with much though as the average meter collects less than $10 per day.

  • A man has got back with his girlfriend in a rather unusual way in one Siberian city

    After she broke up with him he hired a crane and serenaded her sitting in a van decorated with balloons, whilst she was in her third story flat.
    He was bearing flowers and gifts along with a card to celebrate her 29th birthday.
    There was also a passenger in the van - a saxophonist playing her favourite Aerosmith song. 

  • A supermarket in London is trialling a new way to pay for items

    Costcutter is considering rolling out Fingopay if the tests are successful.
    The checkout doesn’t scan your fingerprint but the VEINS in your fingers.
    The electronic reader then generates a unique key - but you still need to link your vein print to a debit or credit card.

  • Greater Manchester Police is a little bit ... retro

    They say nearly 20% of their computers still run Windows XP.
    Microsoft stopped support for the operating system over 3 years ago.
    So if you’re having to hit Control alt delete  - spare a thought for a few poor so and so’s at England’s second biggest police force.

  • Police in the UK have been stunned

    A man called 101 to complain about his pizza.
    He told Derbyshire Police he wanted to report a fraud.
    It was after the wrong topping was placed on his 12 incher.

  • Some residents in Russia have had a shock

    They returned home from work to find their house partially bulldozed with a new road running right through it.
    The remaining part of the building is not fit to be lived in.
    They say that they had not been warned of the impending construction work - and haven’t been offered a rouble in compensation.