• A store owner has helped capture a thief who stole from his shop

    A masked man walked into the premises in south western Michigan claiming he had a winning lotto ticket.
    While the shopkeeper turned his back to scan the ticket - the man fled with a load of scratchcards.
    The proprietor then gave chase to the robber, on a snow plough - knocking him over and breaking some of his bones.

  • A prankster has cemented his head inside a microwave oven

    West Midlands fire service said it took over an hour to free him from the appliance.
    Friends decided to mix seven bags of Polyfilla which they then poured around his head.
    The microwave was then used as a mould - but fortunately it wasn’t plugged in at the time.

  • A "Christmas mad" family have spent over 10 GRAND on lights for their home

    The 30,000-light Christmas display in Sussex includes 30 Santas, 30 Snowmen, a North Pole scene and a waterfall of light.
    Coach-loads of people come to see the lights and school bus drivers take detours to show the children.
    The household electric bill is increased by over £200 each year because of the decorations.

  • A man in China has been fined by authorities

    It’s after he was caught on surveillance cameras painting new arrows on road.
    He said he carried out the act to make his commute to work easier.
    Earlier in the year another man was fined after drawing his own parking space on a road with chalk.

  • An 81 year old man has called Police to his home in a panic

    It’s after he discovered an unexploded World War Two bomb in his garden.
    Cops rushed to the home of the elderly gentleman in south western Germany.
    It turned out the unexploded bomb was in fact a large courgette which had been thrown over a hedge on to his lawn.

  • A bakery in Finland is hoping to tackle world hunger

    It’s the first in the world to offer bread made from crushed crickets.
    Each loaf contains about 70 dried and ground crickets which will be mixed with flour, wheat and other seeds.
    Crickets are a great protein source - if you fancy a taste pop along to a Fazer Bakery outlet in Helsinki.

  • A bakery chain in the United Kingdom have apologised

    Greggs Christmas advert depicted three wise men gathered round in a manger in the traditional fashion.
    Except, for the baby in the manger - instead of the son of God, it was a pork filled Greggs sausage roll.
    Many commented on social media that Jesus was Jewish and eating pork is forbidden in the Jewish faith.

  • Australia's broadband network is under attack - from cockatoos

    The National Broadband Network has spent tens of thousands of dollars fixing cables chewed by the birds.
    The birds normally eat fruit, nuts, wood and bark - but seem to have developed a liking for the cables.
    Australian broadband is already criticised for being notoriously slow - ranked 50th in the world.

  • Bonfire night was celebrated in a slightly different way in one South West village

    Locals at Templeton in Devon decided to erect a large effigy dedicated to broadband provider BT Openreach.
    Except they crossed out the word ‘open’ and replaced it with 'won’t’.
    The won’t reach sign was then ceremoniously burned in protest to the extremely slow broadband speeds offered in the area.

  • An over-enthusiastic sheepdog has made news headlines

    The 7 month old border collie took advantage of an open gate and lead a massive herd of sheep into the farmers kitchen.
    The sheep then made a complete mess of the floor.
    The family from Devon say they were eventually able to see the funny side.