A woman has discovered a bizarre secret lurking on the bonnet of her car

The driver from Pittsburgh in the states had noticed a strange smell of roasting every time she drove her motor
She was stunned when she opened the hood to find more than 200 walnuts and clumps of grass
It's thought they had been hidden there by squirrels .... how nuts

A man has been arrested for sitting his driving test

Problem was the car he drove was stolen - and he drove to the test centre unsupervised
The unlucky chap then failed his test for the TENTH time
West Midlands Police tweeted a pick of the red hot wheels with the caption 'Welcome to the world of stupid'

A scene from the movie Hot Fuzz has been recreated in Somerset

Police officers rescued a swan from the M5 motorway
They drove past it and saw that the bird was badly injured after crash landing
The bobbies managed to bundle it into their cop car and deliver it to Secret World Wildlife Sanctuary in the county

A mysterious sign in Derbyshire has stirred up confusion and angry debate

The official looking poster popped up in a local park encouraging people to feed bread to "starving" ducks
Managers of Pavillion Gardens in Buxton say however that they are not responsible
Despite concern that bread is bad for birds, one comment on socials said....
'Generations of people have fed ducks stale bread for years!! There's no decline in the duck population, just bloody feed them'

A man has been jailed for a year for fighting in the street

Jason King went viral after bursting out of his flat naked wearing nothing but socks
He then went on to use a bicycle wheel hurling it at a stranger

30 years ago they were used by yuppies the world over….

But now Japan's pager service has been switched off for good
There were around 1,500 subscribers left to Tokyo Telemessage - mostly health workers, as they are popular in hospitals for reliability
There was one chap however who said he still used it daily as it was the only way of his 80 year old Mum contacting him

Are you a culture vulture? Do you like saving money?

If you answered YES to both of those you need to go to Budapest.
A study has shown your money goes much further in the city - with trips to museums, a gallery & the opera coming in at just £70
Compared to £102 for Prague, or £105 for Warsaw - the most expensive capitals were Madrid followed by New York at over £400

Doctors say using your phone whilst on the loo can give you PILES

Apparently the length of time you spend on the throne raises the risk of haemorrhoids
Pressure of the pan can increase on the veins of the anus in the lower rectum
You have been warned...

New fire safety rules have come into force in Russia

Russians are now banned from smoking & barbecuing… on their balconies
The use of an open fire on the balconies of apartments, dormitories, and hotels rooms is now illegal
Vladimir Putin has always been critical towards smoking and promoted a healthy lifestyle

An 18-carat gold toilet has been stolen from Blenheim Palace

A golden toilet - which was estimated to be worth around $5m was removed by a gang of criminals
The lav was an art installation whereby visitors could book a three-minute slot to use the throne for its intended purpose
The burglary caused "significant damage and flooding" because the toilet was plumbed into the building

A businessman in the West Midlands has decided to settle a £1,200 fine in a rather unusual way

Matthew Lemm had a historic debt from 2013 that he was unaware of until he got a letter out of the blue
He decided to stash 120,000 one penny coins into the boot of a Ford Mustang
Before meeting the bailiffs he promised them he was happy to pay them every last penny, they didn't quite realise how literal he was being

A driver has been caught speeding at over 100mph …

When pulled over by Police he told officers it was 'because he needed a number two'
Not only was he full of hot air - he was also excessively speeding and undertaking in dreadful weather conditions

A man has made the news in the states for doing something rather strange

The chap was caught on various CCTV systems leaving old boxy TV sets on peoples doorsteps
He was also wearing a TV on his head - nobody knows why....

A porcelain bowl has managed to “shock and delight” its owner

How? Well it had been sitting on a shelf in their Bath home for years - until they got it valued when moving house
It turned out it was an extremely rare artifact dating back to the early 1700's from the reign of a Chinese emperor
It went under the hammer with a guide price of £20-30K - but ended up being bought by a bidder from China for £200,000

An MP has been left with whiplash & concussion after an incident with a CHAIR

Andrea Jenkyns, a Tory MP, posted a photo of herself in a neck brace after the apparent accident
She thanked staff at Leeds General Infirmary for their help following her bizarre injury
And Tweeted 'that's the last time I swing on my chair during a meeting'

Some of the more bizarre items left in hotels have been revealed

With the summer break underway, Premier Inn have highlighted some unusual items left in their rooms
A Goldfish was deserted at an overnight digs in Birmingham
Other Premier Inns have reported a World War II gas mask and a glass slipper

Some Japanese rental cars are being used for anything but driving…

A survey has been carried out after some cars were being returned with no extra mileage on the clock.
It would appear that some in the country are hiring a car to eat lunch in, or even using it for storage as rates to hire are fairly inexpensive.

North Korea is raving about a smartphone being launched in the country

Their version of the 'iphone' is being branded the Pyongyang 2425
Around 40% of inhabitants in the secretive state own any kind of mobile device
The new phone has facial recognition, a smooth responsive touch-screen... but you can't access any internet, only state run propaganda

Forget pineapple – GHERKINS as a pizza topping is set to divide the world

They are often a craving for expectant Mums....
But now a restaurant in Minnesota and also Glasgow are offering them on their menus
Over 50,000 comments have been posted up on social media - many suggesting the combo is just completely wrong

A power cut that disrupted rail traffic on a Japanese island …. was caused by a slug

30 trains shuddered to a halt affecting more than 12,000 passengers because of the slimy intruder's actions
Its electrocuted remains were found lodged inside equipment next to the tracks
It was back in 2016 that a weasel taking a fatal chew on a high voltage cable, managed to shut down Europe's Large Hadron Collider

Millions of calendars have been printed incorrectly in 2020

It's because the May Day bank holiday will fall on Friday 8th May next year - rather than Monday 4th
It's to mark the 75th anniversary of VE Day
The boss of a calendar company says there is not enough time to reprint the calendars - and people will have to use pens to correct them

Forget fitness trackers – Amazon is selling something that will give you a real shock….

... in fact 350-volts - every time you reach for some bad food.... smoke... or you can even set it to give you a jolt if you snooze your alarm too many times
It's inventor says that while it isn’t as powerful as a shock from a tazer, it still delivers enough voltage to make you jump
It's on sale for under £200 and is called the PavLok

Residents of a town in West Virginia have had a colourful wake up

When folks switched on their taps - or flushed the loo, the water was BRIGHT PINK
An official at the Coal Grove water treatment plant said it was perfectly safe to drink..... providing it was diluted first

A plane designed in the shape of a V has taken its name from a GUITAR

A team working for the Delft Technical University in the Netherlands have come up with the idea
They claim it'll burn 20% less fuel than a conventional aircraft
The plane which can accommodate over 300 passengers is getting funding from airline KLM

An 86 year old man had to go to hospital after using an Ipad

After about an hour of use a bat which was wedged between the device and the Ipad case popped out and bit him.
The pensioner said at first it felt like a bee sting - and rather shocked, he took the bat outside.
The next day he discovered the creature was dead and thought he better get checked out - Docs confirmed he contracted rabies.

For centuries it’s been all about priests and prophets …

But now Christians and the curious are “connecting with God” through Amazon’s Alexa.
Tens of thousands have interacted with the Church of England through a skill which was launched a year ago.
C of E say the service was launched to give newcomers an insight into religion.

Spanish border police have found something rather unusual during routine inspections

A man has been discovered hiding in the GLOVE BOX of a car.
It's thought the chap was a refugee from Morocco attempting to get into Europe.
Others were discovered in other vehicles, behind rear seats and even in an engine compartment.

A squash championship in northern Spain has sparked a debate…

....about sexism in sport - after female participants were awarded a vibrator, wax and a kit to remove foot calluses.
Afterward the bizarre ceremony several resignations took place at the club that organised the event.
The winner of the contest Ms Elizabet Sado, said 'things have to change' - she was also presented with a trophy and a vibrator.

A restaurant in Scotland is apparently serving up an AARDVARK pizza

Indian Accent in Kilmarnock claims it has toppings of green chillies, spicy chicken, lamb mince and ..... aardvark.
The head chef says they wanted to serve up something different and unique.
Inspectors are investigating the claims as to start with they'd need a special licence to even import aardvark into the UK.

A mum has made the news after ordering a ‘number 5’ candle for her daughters birthday cake

Tesco rocked up with the online delivery but didn't have any in stock .... substituted it for two 'number twos' and a 'number one' - to make the original 5.
Her mum said she couldn't use the candles on the cake because it made it look like her daughter Charlotte had just turned 221.

The Met Gala in New York has seen its annual mix of randomness

The event is known for its exclusive guest list, expensive tickets and - most of all - its extravagant outfits.
The theme for 2019 was 'Camp'.
Lady Gaga arrived in a billowing pink outfit - and ended up in bra and knickers after 3 costume changes, Katy Perry dressed as a chandelier.

One of Australia’s biggest newspapers has made the news itself

The Sydney-based Daily Telegraph, is a right-leaning tabloid owned by Rupert Murdoch.
But, the publication accidentally printed two pages of the liberal Sydney Morning Herald.
Both papers share the same printing facility in western Sydney and an error during the production process was blamed.

An ALDI customer has made the news for leaving an item at the checkout

Neil Burrows grew tired of waiting in the queue and had to be at work - so he left his packet of breakfast cereal at the tills and walked off.
He claims a member of staff at the store in Birmingham grabbed him by the collar when he tried to leave.
Maybe it was because he was a cereal offender.

An Indian man has gone viral for chopping off his index finger

Pawan Kumar said he did it because he voted for the wrong political party - choosing a flower symbol instead of an elephant.
Symbols are used during elections in the country due to a low literacy level in many districts.
Every voters index finger is marked with an indelible ink after casting their ballot.

An accidental record of ocean plastic history has been recorded

Old-fashioned metal boxes have been dragged around the seas several years before World War II.
The devices - known as continuous plankton recorders first recorded what could be the first marine plastic litter found.
The item was a plastic bag found floating of the coast of Ireland in 1965.

Waitrose has been accused of selling racist Easter Eggs

The supermarket was selling a trio of ducklings - white, dark and milk chocolate.
The white one was called 'fluffy', the milk 'crispy' and the dark chocolate 'ugly'.
They were pulled from the shelves and the packaging has since been redesigned with new names.

Up to 1 billion birds in the states are being killed every year by….

Our feathered friends are apparently dying after colliding with glass covered or illuminated buildings.
Chicago has been named the most dangerous as it has the busiest US avian airspace during migration.

A school book Sir Paul McCartney used as a teenager has sold for big cash

The note pad went under the hammer at an auction of Beatles memorabilia in Merseyside.
The book featured pages of essays the singer wrote, and a doodle of a man smoking.
It was flogged for nearly £47,000 - nearly ten times its original estimate.

Someone is going to do rather well after BREXIT

The UK government have just splashed £12 million on a swanky apartment in Manhattan.
This luxury abode will be for a British diplomat working to negotiate trade deals with the US.
It's got 7 bedrooms, 6 bathrooms, a library, powder room and has stunning views over the New York City skyline.

A man waiting to catch a flight at an airport in Moscow has been arrested…

... it was because he was completely starkers.
After calmly standing in line queueing for the check in desk he was then taken away by Police.
The chap apparently claimed that “clothes make body aerodynamics worse” so “it’s easier to fly” nude.

The Lewis Hamilton of pigeons has been sold

The champion bird sold for a record 1.25 million euros.
Armando has been branded the best Belgian long-distance pigeon of all time.
Two buyers from China with far more money than sense ended up in a bidding war for the 5 year old bird.

A plane has been forced to return to an airport….

The pilot of a flight from Jeddah to Kuala Lumpur asked air traffic control to turn back.
It was because one of the passengers realised they left their BABY in the waiting area at the airport.
The flight eventually departed again with the baby on board - but was over an hour late.

A group of Chickens have made the news

It's understood the birds grouped together to kill a juvenile fox.
The unusual incident occurred in Brittany in France.
The fox entered the coop through a hatch that then closed - the chickens then pecked him to death with their beaks.

There’s nothing worse than being ripped off

Nevertheless a woman has still managed to stun Police.
She called cops in Northern Ireland after being scammed.
Problem was for her the scam was that she'd been sold 'sugar instead of cocaine'

A bird has been caught swanning about on a dual carriageway

The swan was taking a stroll on the busy road in Peterborough when it was spotted by Police.
Officers wrapped the creature up in a police jacket to keep the bird from getting in a flap.
The RSPCA arrived who confirmed the swan was 'sober and fit to fly' and was released without charge.

Ed Sheeran – he’s heard the world over – but not so much in Indonesia anymore

The media regulator in the country claims 'Shape of you' contains lyrics which are far too raunchy for daytime hours.
They've issued a ban on radio stations in the area.
The ban also applies to Bruno Mars track "That's What I Like".

Love chocolate? You’ll love this job….

The company that owns Cadbury, Oreo, Green & Blacks and Milka, are looking for chocolate tasters.
Four successful applicants will be paid £10.75 to eat chocolate all day at the HQ of Mondelēz International.
The job advert says candidates must have a few essential skills.

A water company have had a strange request for customers…

... and that's not to flush Yorkshire puddings down the loo.
Anglian Water posted images of a blocked sewer in Ipswich - caused by a roast dinner.
They tweeted “We’re sure even our friends at Yorkshire Water wouldn’t welcome this sight!”

A different type of Kit Kat is heading to UK shores

A green tea variety of the chocolate snack originated in Japan.
In fact it's so popular it's been a best seller there for the past 15 years.
It remains to be seen whether or not Brits will stick two fingers up to the flavour.

Your choice of front door colour reflects your personality

If you have a red door it means you are dynamic - but a purple door means you're a bit of a drama Queen.
A white door is not only the most popular – it also shows you have a no-fuss attitude.
Britain’s best-known door – No10 Downing Street being black shows signs of power and prestige .... or not!

A brand new high speed train has broken down on its inaugural journey

The Indian built train was heading back to Delhi & was packed with journalists & railway officials.
Before it reached its destination, the brakes on a carriage jammed.
As if that wasn’t enough embarrassment, smoke then filled the last four compartments - and all the power went out.

A lion has been rescued …. from a tree

The very large cat was discovered in tree near a property in California.
The homeowner was working in the garden and called firefighters.
The animal was tranquilised and lowered some 15 meters down to the ground using a harness.

A car company could help save your relationship

Ford have created a mattress.
The device pushes a person back to their own side of the bed.
The company says their new creation uses the same technology as that used in their cars for automatic lane correction.

A version of Tinder has been set up for CATTLE

It's called Tudder and features data profiles of animals from 42,000 farms in the UK.
Apparently it's to help farmers find the perfect breeding partner for their own herd.
Farmers can view pictures of bulls or cows and swipe right to show interest.

A Fox News host has claimed he hasn’t washed his hands for 10 YEARS

Speaking on Fox & Friends Pete Hegseth said he felt 'germs were not a real thing'
He said 'I inoculate myself' and that infectious micro-organisms do not exist because they can't be seen by the naked eye.
His comments were met with both support and concern on social media.

Social media has been going into a frenzy over a COOKED breakfast

On Facebook there's a page called Rate My Plate - dedicated to home cooked food.
Followers comment on what they think of the peoples meals.
Sadly though Carol C's all day breakfast was described as if it had been made in a tumble dryer.

Two women have been caught doing something very extreme to save money

CCTV captured them at a pub in Sunderland putting their own HAIR in pizzas they had ordered.
They complained - and were both given a £7 refund.
Later though pub workers realised the hair didn't match any of the team - and they headed to the cameras.

A vase kept in an attic for decades has sold for a staggering amount

The Chinese ornament went under the hammer at an auction house in Exeter.
The guide price was between 20 and 40 grand.
It ended up surprising everyone by selling for more than half a million pounds.

Ding dong. Ding dong.

A random man has spent more than 3 hours licking... a doorbell at a Californian home.
A newly installed surveillance system caught the random act in progress.
The man didn’t break in, but could be charged with prowling.

Being bad-tempered and pessimistic helps you to earn more

Research also claims it can help you to live longer and enjoy a healthier marriage.
According to experts anger really prepares the body to mobilise it’s resources.
Grumpiness my also improve language skills, memory and make us more persuasive.

A man has been jailed after climbing a transmission tower

The chap decided to climb the 800 ft mast in the Scottish highlands.
He refused to listen to police and stayed there for more than 12 hours.
After disrupting local radio broadcasts he eventually came down - and was jailed for 16 months.