• A bakery chain in the United Kingdom have apologised

    Greggs Christmas advert depicted three wise men gathered round in a manger in the traditional fashion.
    Except, for the baby in the manger - instead of the son of God, it was a pork filled Greggs sausage roll.
    Many commented on social media that Jesus was Jewish and eating pork is forbidden in the Jewish faith.

  • Australia's broadband network is under attack - from cockatoos

    The National Broadband Network has spent tens of thousands of dollars fixing cables chewed by the birds.
    The birds normally eat fruit, nuts, wood and bark - but seem to have developed a liking for the cables.
    Australian broadband is already criticised for being notoriously slow - ranked 50th in the world.

  • Bonfire night was celebrated in a slightly different way in one South West village

    Locals at Templeton in Devon decided to erect a large effigy dedicated to broadband provider BT Openreach.
    Except they crossed out the word ‘open’ and replaced it with 'won’t’.
    The won’t reach sign was then ceremoniously burned in protest to the extremely slow broadband speeds offered in the area.

  • An over-enthusiastic sheepdog has made news headlines

    The 7 month old border collie took advantage of an open gate and lead a massive herd of sheep into the farmers kitchen.
    The sheep then made a complete mess of the floor.
    The family from Devon say they were eventually able to see the funny side.

  • How does SIX days extra annual leave sound?

    One Japanese company is offering that to employees who are non smokers.
    It’s to make up for other colleagues smoking breaks.
    It was launched after a complaint that some cigarette breaks lasted up to 15 minutes at a time.

  • A woman in the West Midlands is not happy with a toy she bought for her daughter

    Because she claims it’s teaching her to swear.
    The My Little Baby Born Walks product should be teaching the words ‘Mama’ and 'Papa’.
    Instead the toy manufactured in Germany appears to be saying the word 'Bitch’.

  • A shipwreck explorer has discovered something rather ancient

    The oldest ever maritime navigational tool.
    The astrolabe measured the altitude of the sun.
    It was uncovered from a wreck which sank off the coast of Oman during a storm in May 1503.

  • A dog has had to be rescued from a wall

    The terrier poked his head through some trellis type brick work in Cambridgeshire.
    Sadly the mutt couldn’t get back out and the fire service had to be called.
    Billy is now safely back with his owners.

  • A remote New Zealand township has funded its own petrol station

    Residents of Pongaroa were fed up with a two hour round trip for fuel.
    They weren’t just filling up the car when they got there - often topping up 3 or 4 large 20 litre containers in the boot too.
    The 120 inhabitants raised $250,000 NZ making up half of the total cost.

  • A Russian TV commentator has walked out whilst live on air

    He became frustrated over the decision of a referee.
    He called the ref a ‘disgrace to Russian football’.
    After a 2 minute rant on the mic - he stormed off telling viewers - 'watch the rest without a commentator’.